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Myths About Changing Oil

Changing oil is an important part of ensuring your car functions properly. Therefore, it may come as a surprise just how many myths there are out there about changing your oil. Here at Nissan of Silsbee, we want to take some time to dispel these myths about changing oil and keep our customers informed.

Myth #1: You need to change your oil every 3,000 miles

There’s an old piece of advice that says that you should change your oil every 3,000 miles. However, this may not always be true. Each car requires an oil change at different intervals. So instead of consulting an old adage, consult your vehicle’s manual first.

Myth #2: You need to change black oil

People are often advised to change their oil if it’s black. However, a dark blot of oil actually means that it is doing its job. So don’t fret if you think your oil looks dark.

Myth #3: You need to use oil additives

Oil additives may seem helpful. However, they can often end up being harmful instead. As long as you use high-quality oil in your vehicle, you won’t have to worry about using any oil additives.