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Nissan Partners with Hoonigan in Awesome Black Friday Stunt

Some people may have spent their Black Friday drifting from store to store in search of savings, but Nissan and the bold team at Hoonigan Racing spent theirs drifting through an abandoned shopping mall in LA—in a 1000-horsepower Nissan 370Zs.


This Black Friday stunt was executed by two professional Hoonigan drivers, Chris Forsberg, and Ryan Tuerck (so don’t try this at home, even if home happens to be an abandoned shopping mall). The impressive video shows the daring pair looping through tight, dramatic turns and burning rubber (literally) on rooftops and through parking garages. In one jaw-dropping scene, Forsberg drifts his 370Z so close to the edge of a 30-foot drop that the rear clears the precipice.


To shoot the super-cool video, cameramen had to wear respirators to endure the years of dust and pollutant build-up in the enormous, long-vacated shopping mall. The air got just a bit thicker as the two Nissans whipped through, kicking up black-slate clouds of grime. The effect of all that dust makes the Black Friday stunt look more like some death race straight out of a post-apocalypse flick. Michael Bay should be contacting Nissan and Hoonigan reps for the movie rights shortly.