How to be a Safe Pedestrian

Being a safe driver is a big priority when you’re on the road, but have you thought about the importance of being a safe pedestrian? As the summer weather rolls out and you’re on the sidewalk more, here are few tips on how to become a safer pedestrian.

There are crosswalks for a reason. Don’t ignore them. Walking twenty feet further down a road to get to a crosswalk is worth it, rather than j-walking.

When you’re out at night, avoid dark clothes. Yes, that “little black dress” looks adorable on you, but you’ll be that much harder for night drivers to see.

Walk facing traffic if there’s no sidewalk. That way, you know exactly what’s coming at you. If the shoulder is very small, walk on the grass if it’s available.

Just like how you shouldn’t text and drive, don’t text and walk. Distractions are, well, distracting. Look at how your phone cripples your awareness.

Look both ways. You hear it all the time, but it can never get old. Even when you have a “walk” sign and are using a crosswalk, don’t assume the drivers on the road are following the rules.

Follow these simple rules and you’ll have a safe and happy summer!

Benefits of Buying a Nissan Rogue

Redesigned back in 2015, the Nissan Rogue is one of the most iconic crossovers on the market. Considering the sheer amount of crossovers competing for the top spot, the Rogue is doing considerably well. Equipped with everything a driver needs, it’s not too surprising. We here at Silsbee Nissan have a breakdown of the benefits of buying a Nissan Rogue.

  1. Exterior – Based on style alone, the Nissan Rogue rules the market. The overall look is one that can compete with entry-level luxury models while the LED running lights add flair not found in the competition. As for the character of the crossover itself, the aggressive silhouette puts competitors on edge.
  2. Features – The Rogue offers interior features drivers love, especially when it comes to technology. A five-inch central display with audio connectivity sits front and center. A trip computer and rearview camera use the same display as well. Equipped with Bluetooth and satellite radio, there are few crossover quite like the Nissan Rogue.
  3. Seating – Available with third-row seating, the Nissan Rogue can carry up to seven passengers, making it one of the most desirable crossovers on the market. With plenty of legroom and cargo space to boot, the Rogue offers an unbeatable combination.

How to Handle Humidity

Silsbee, Texas is full of humidity. And when the humidity is up to 90%, it’s hard to find relief. Luckily, we’re here to help! Here are some tips on how to handle humidity.

Use a dehumidifier

Inside, you can control the humidity by using a dehumidifier. It filters the air in your home by taking the water from the air.

Get plants

Yes, plants will help! It’s because plants need the nutrients that are in the air, including the moisture. Some different plants that will extract water from the air include Boston Ferns and cacti.

Avoid using your oven

Your oven can heat up your house even more than you thought. Try not to use it in higher humidity.

Drink water & juice

Water and natural fruit juices are best for your hydration. Avoid caffeine and alcohol, which can make you even hotter.

Keep your blinds closed

The less sun gets in your house, the cooler it’ll be. Keep your shades and blinds closed and your lights off when possible.

Avoid tight-fitting clothes

The tighter your clothes, the more you’ll sweat. Opt for looser-fitting clothes.

Nissan Develops New Battery Technology

Nissan and Nissan Arc, Ltd. have teamed up to push for further developments in the auto industry. With the popularity of electric cars, Nissan has been finding new ways to improve innovation.

Together, they found a way to improve the performance of lithium-ion batteries. How? The simple answer is silicon.

Current lithium-ion batteries use graphite, but Nissan’s recent finding suggest that silicon holds more lithium than graphite. When it’s charged, graphite materials expand. But silicon materials expand even more. This discovery means that if silicon is used, batteries can store more lithium-ions than they currently do, which would improve the battery’s range.

“The utilization of this analysis method in our future R&D will surely contribute to extending the cruising range of future zero-emission vehicles,” said Takao Asami, senior vice president of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and President of Nissan Arc Ltd.

The reason it hasn’t been used so far is because the silicon’s base structure was unknown. But with Nissan’s new studies, they’re able to better understand silicon’s structure, which makes it easier to develop it and utilize it in new batteries.

Hopefully, we’ll be seeing these developments for ourselves soon!

Tips on When to Buy a New Car

Let’s say you think of yourself as a fairly car-savvy person. While other people are trading in their new cars every few years and driving off the dealer lot with some brand-new loan debt under their belt, you’ve been preaching the gospel of preventative maintenance and keeping an old car at the top of its game. While performing regular maintenance on an older vehicle does keep it running longer than most other drivers’ vehicles and allows you to get your moneys’ worth out of it, you have to admit that sometimes the time comes when you need to buy a new car. The question is, when?

No matter how much maintenance you do and how much love and care you pour into your car, the fact of the matter is that you just can’t beat the wear and tear of time. It’s totally normal for a vehicle to break down over time just because it’s old. After a while, around the 100,000-mile range, expensive repairs like the timing belt or the water pump begin to add up. At that point, you have to ask yourself how much money you’re sinking into repairs. Is it worth keeping the same old junker, or would you be better off putting that money towards a vehicle that’s fresh off the production line?

When you buy new, you are guaranteed a vehicle that won’t break down. Your older car may work fine, but there will always be a fog hanging over your head causing you to wonder what’s going to go wrong with it this week. Plus, older cars might be in and out of the shop a lot; some things don’t get fixed the first time, and other parts never quite function the way they’re supposed to after they break down once and will need constant attention.

Also, newer cars are safer and more aesthetically-pleasing. If you’re more practical, you may not care about appearances, but keep in mind that every year new and more advanced safety technology rolls out. That means that your ten-year-old car is ten years behind other cars on the road when it comes to staying safe. There’s no shame in caring about how your car looks, either; imagine yourself driving around in a shiny, modern car. Feels good, doesn’t it?

When you’re wondering whether you should buy a new car or not, make sure to weigh the pros and cons. Oftentimes, it’s less expensive just to keep and repair an older or used vehicles. But in some cases, it’s safer and cheaper just to put a rattly old junker to rest and get yourself a fresh set of wheels.

Clifton Steamboat Museum Honors Memorial Day with Military Exhibit

What do you think of when you hear the words ‘Memorial Day’? A three-day weekend? Pools opening? Grill-outs with the neighbors? That’s certainly what many people have come to associate the holiday with, but keep in mind that Memorial Day has its roots in honoring those who have died while serving in the armed forces. Throughout the month of May, Clifton Steamboat Museum will be honoring their memory with a military exhibit that goes until the last day of the month.

The History of the United States Military Uniform Museum Exhibit officially began at the beginning of April, but visitors can still enjoy the exhibit until it closes on May 31st. The exhibit runs every day during normal museum hours, and admission costs $4 for seniors and students and $5 for adults. The Clifton Steamboat Museum is open to the public on Mondays from 8:30am to 11:00am, but appointments can be made for private tours. The exhibit itself is on loan from Memorial Memories and showcases everything from current military uniforms to the original American uniform from the Revolutionary War.

The Clifton Steamboat Museum’s purpose is to educate and honor heroes of the past, present, and future, and has 24,000 square feet and two stories’ worth of interesting and educational information on the history of America. The museum itself is made of an old, refurbished tugboat known as the Hercules. In addition to the military uniform exhibit, you can also experience exhibits regarding Native Americans, the western frontier, the wars fought in Texas and Louisiana, as well as more well-known wars such as World Wars I and II, Korea, and Vietnam.

What is a Turbocharged Engine and What Does it Do?

When looking into your next car purchase and what you should get, you will probably see the phrase “turbocharged engine” a lot. You know that this means your engine has oomph, but do you know anything else? What is a turbocharger and what does it do?

Well, a turbocharged engine has a turbocharger. A turbocharger is an exhaust-driven device that boosts your engine’s power output.

In a typical (non-turbocharged) engine, the downward motion of the pistons pulls air into the engine. This air is mixed with fuel, and this is what’s ignited to make power. Stepping on the gas increases the amount of air fed into the engine in order to ignite the fuel.

But in a turbocharged engine, the turbocharger uses a pair of fan-like castings called the turbine (piped to the exhaust) and the compressor (piped to the intake.) The flow of exhaust spins the turbine, which turns the compressor. The compressor then blows air into the engine at a greater rate than it could pull it in by itself.

So basically, a turbocharger amps up the amount of air that’s going into your engine. And that’s why you feel that extra “oomph!”

2016 Nissan Murano Named “Best 2-Row SUV for Families”

The 2016 Nissan Murano is a standout amongst SUVs, and it proved that with its recent honor from U.S. News & World Report. The new Murano was named the 2016 Best 2-Row SUV for Families.

This wasn’t the Murano’s first award this year from U.S. News & World Report. It was honored with one of the magazine’s “Best Cars for the Money” awards. But its latest honor was being named top choice in the 2-Row SUV category as part of the Best Cars for Families awards program.

The Murano earned this award for a number of reasons. It expresses Nissan’s advanced design and amazing available technology. NissanConnect with Navigation, an 8-inch color display with multi-touch control, and Bluetooth Hands-free Phone System are just some tech elements that make the Murano more convenient.

Its luxury and safety played a factor in its award, too. Its affordability makes it the best car for the money, but it’s not just the long-term low ownership costs that keep it affordable. The editors wrote, “It’s also our Best 2-Row SUV for Families because it has the leading combination of interior space, available family-friendly features, and safety and reliability ratings in its class.”

Check out the Nissan Murano for yourself today at Nissan of Silsbee!

The Standard New Half-Ton 2017 Nissan Titan Will Be Both Compact and Capable

Interested in the bold, capable new Nissan Titan XD, but intimidated by its beastly size?

If you’re looking for a truck that’s both perfect for work and everyday life – and just a bit smaller than the Titan XD – you’ll be a fan of the all-new standard, half-ton 2017 Nissan Titan.

Details on and images of the new Nissan Titan were recently revealed, and though the vehicles initially appear to be twins, these two trucks are actually quite different.

The chassis of the Titan is just 228.1 inches for the crew cab model – much smaller than that of the Titan XD – and in fact, the standard Titan is 14.7 inches shorter than the XD model.

But on the inside, don’t worry: There is just as much seating space and legroom in both versions of the truck.

The standard 2017 Nissan Titan will go on sale this summer, so if you’re interested, get in touch with us at Nissan of Silsbee as soon as you can!

Silsbee Gets Brunt of Rain Yet Again

Recent rainfall in March 2016 has left Texas and other Southeast Texas areas with flooding and substantial driving difficulty. Silsbee in the greater Beaumont area is normally a town that sees a lot of this rain. Texas as a state is under the national average in average rainfall sitting at just under 36 inches per year. The national average hovers at approximately 40 inches per year. Annually, Silsbee has averaged over 61 inches the last 30 years.

Driving conditions from high waters and standing water can provide drivers with some obstacles if they do not show caution. Most flood deaths occur while people are in their vehicles. Drivers that come across flooded roads should turn around instead of attempting to pass through high water, especially with uncertain depths.

Silsbee drivers are definitely experienced with wet road conditions, be sure to stick to caution and avoid unnecessary risks. The rain will continue to fall in Silsbee, but as long as drivers continue to stick with preventative driving in the worst conditions the roads will still provide some of the best sights to see in Texas.